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PRP tubes: Application, benefits & risks at a glance

PRP tubes make it possible to obtain PRP from your own blood. Find out all about the application, benefits and risks of treatment with PRP tubes!

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Vaginal Athrophy and Dryness - How PRP Treatment Can Help!

Do you suffer from vaginal athrophy? Dryness, itching, and pain during sex are just some of the discomforts this condition can cause. PRP treatment is a safe and effective way to relieve the discomfort of vaginal athrophy. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about PRP treatment for vaginal atrophy.

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Injection lipolysis: an aesthetic medical method for body shaping.

Injection lipolysis, also known as "fat-away injection", is an aesthetic medical method for body contouring of small to medium fat deposits without surgical intervention.

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PRP and stress incontinence?

Do you know the feeling of not being able to laugh or sneeze without worrying? Stress incontinence can make life a constant challenge. But what if there is a treatment that could help?

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PRP: The natural solution for endometrial problems.

Discover how PRP treatments can naturally improve endometrial problems. Benefit from a therapy that harnesses your own body's potential. Boost your uterine health with PRP.

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PRP in gynecology and urology

If you've ever thought about innovative medical treatments, you may have heard of PRP. But what is PRP and how is it used in gynecology and urology?

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Vital Injector 2: The latest innovation for PRP treatments

The Vital Injector 2 is known for its precise dosage, less pain and shorter treatment times. It is an innovative device for mesotherapy and other injection treatments that can be used for both aesthetic and medical applications.

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PRP: Revolutionary developments and the enormous potential in medical technology.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) has seen revolutionary developments in medical technology and has enormous potential.

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Radiant skin with mesotherapy and microneedling

Mesotherapy and microneedling are innovative treatments for reducing wrinkles and refining the appearance of the skin, as well as stimulating hair growth.

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PRP treatment techniques

PRP treatment techniques injections, microneedling, and mesotherapeutic applications are explored in more detail in this blog post.

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