AgeKilling Serum - Smoothes your skin with a Botox-like effect

AgeKilling Serum: Revolutionary Anti-Aging Treatment with Botox-like Effect Experience younger-looking skin with AgeKilling Serum, an innovative anti-aging formula that combines SYN®-AKE and Argireline™ to effectively reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Intensive wrinkle reduction: Repairs visible signs of skin damage Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles...
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€3,633.31 per Liter

Cellmula HD Solution - Hair regrowth

CELLMULA HD Solution - the ultimate intensive care ampoule for hair and scalp. 10 x 5ml vials that strengthen damaged hair roots and nourish the hair to improve hair health. Expect fantastic results for hair loss.  
immediately available
€3,190.16 per Liter

Cellmula HSR Solution - skin rejuvenation

Cellmula HSR Solution is a skincare product that is enriched with active ingredients such as biomimetic peptides, which promote the natural restoration of the skin and offer great benefits for a complete facial rejuvenation. It contains hyaluronic acid, 5 growth factors, 12 vitamins, 24 amino acids, 5 minerals, and 4 coenzymes. In addition, the product is...
immediately available
€3,190.22 per Liter

Combifix Luer Lock adapter

Combifix® Adapter Luer-Lock / female-female - 1 piece Combifix® Adapter - connects two Luer-Lock syringes.  It is necessary to hermetically connect e.g. two syringes with a Luer-Lock in order to homogenize the resulting plasma gel.  
immediately available

Combifix® Adapter Luer-Lock / female-female - PU 20 pieces

The Combifix® Luer-Lock / female-to-female adapter is a useful tool for laboratories and medical facilities. It allows two Luer-Lock syringes to be connected together to ensure a hermetic and secure connection. This is particularly useful when creating plasma gel by homogenization. The adapter is easy to use and allows quick and efficient connection of...
immediately available

Dermaheal HL Anti-hair Loss 10X5ml

Dermaheal HL ist ein mesotherapeutisches Produkt gegen Haarausfall, das sowohl für Männer als auch für Frauen geeignet ist. Es wirkt gegen Haarausfall und Alopezie. Es fördert das Haarwachstum, indem es die Haarwurzeln revitalisiert und die Durchblutung anregt. Es verbessert Kopfhautprobleme und erhöht die Haardichte und -fülle. Es stimuliert und stärkt...
immediately available
€22,774.33 per Liter

Dermaheal LL Anti Cellulite 5ml

10 Vials x 5ml per pack |    Dermaheal LL (10 × 5.0 ml) is a cocktail of biometric peptides, soy lecithin, L-carnitine, growth factors and peptides that together effectively dissolve fat and remove stubborn fat in localized areas. It also helps fight cellulite and unwanted fat deposits and tightens the skin.   
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€21,802.65 per Liter

Dermaheal SB – Skin Brightening Solution

Dermaheal SB reduces and prevents hyperpigmentation and fights age spots. It is a product of Dermaheal, a brand synonymous with quality anti-aging care that counteracts the aging process of the skin with scientific methods. Content 10 X 5ml
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Dermaheal SR Skin Rejuvenating

10 Vials x 5ml per pack |    An effective anti-aging facial treatment!   Dermaheal SR Skin Rejuvenating is a mesotherapy product that revitalizes and optimally moisturizes sensitive facial skin. It is especially suitable for dry skin and can even out and improve first lines and wrinkles.     
immediately available
€23,189.78 per Liter

Dermapen Nano Needle Head for BB Glow Treatment | for NeedlingPen SMART CONTROL

The Dermapen Nano Needle Head is a high-quality replacement needle head for BB Glow treatment. It has special nano needles that allow meso-serum or BB Glow foundation to be worked into the outermost skin layer. The needle head impresses with its elevations made of surgical stainless steel and a secure 3-phase connector to secure the needle head. This...
immediately available

Dermapen Nano Needle Head for BB Glow Treatment | for X-tra CONTROL

Dermapen Nano Needle Head for BB Glow Treatment is a revolutionary new tool for skin improvement and beautification. This needle head features advanced technology that allows you to perform BB Glow treatment quickly and efficiently.  The head is designed to conform to the skin and perform the treatment gently. It can also be used for other treatments...
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Dermapen needle head with 36 needles | for NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL (5 pieces)

This Dermapen needle head with 36 needles has been specially developed for the NeedlingPen X-tra CONTROL. The needle head is a unique combination of the revolutionary Dermapen technology and innovative features found only on the X-tra CONTROL. It provides optimal skin penetration, fast and even needle distribution, and consistently high needle quality....
immediately available

DERMIDA® Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30 % | Lactic acid peel against wrinkles & aging skin

DERMIDA® Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30% is a professional lactic acid peel specifically designed to treat wrinkles and aging skin. It contains 30% Lactid Acid, a highly effective and potent concentration of lactic acid. This combination makes it one of the strongest and most effective peels on the market.  It works on the surface of the skin by removing old skin...
immediately available
€8.00 per unit

EPN Needling Pen - Replacement heads 24 pieces

Replacement heads for the EPN - Needling Pen. Pack with 24 pieces.   Sale only to qualified personnel and their purchasers; take into account the legal regulations on medical devices and their use.  
immediately available

EPN Needling Pen | Microneedling + Electroporation

The EPN Needling Pen (Electroporation Needle) is a professional microneedling device that combines the benefits of dermal needling with advanced electroporation technology.  This device uses tiny needles to stimulate the mesoderm (middle layer of skin) without causing scarring, promoting natural skin healing and collagen regeneration. The EPN Needling...
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Eye Fine Lines - Microneedling Serum

Eye Fine Lines is an innovative eye contour care specially formulated to reduce wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes.
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€5,997.21 per Liter

Fat Remodeling - Fat Away - SLIGHTENING LIPOLYTICS

Fat Remodeling is the perfect solution for people who want to get rid of unwanted fat deposits on the abdomen, legs, arms or other parts of the body.
immediately available
€5,997.00 per Liter

Injections involve the introduction of solutions (e.g., drugs) into the body using a syringe and needle or by high-pressure injection (needle-free injection).

Types of injection

Injection with a needle-free injector

A spring-loaded plunger is used to inject a thin jet under high pressure through a nozzle that penetrates the skin. The dosage and depth are adjustable.

The main types of injections are as follows

  • intracutaneous
  • subcutaneous
  • Intramuscular
  • intravenous
  • intra-arterial
  • intraosseous
  • Parabulbar (solution is injected under the eyeball)

Intramuscular injections

Intramuscular injection into the deltoid muscle

Intramuscular injection is one of the most common methods of administering small amounts of medication. Muscle has a dense network of blood and lymphatic vessels that provide good conditions for drug absorption. Intramuscular injection creates a reservoir from which the drug is extracted. it is gradually absorbed into the bloodstream, keeping the blood concentration of the drug constant for several hours and ensuring a long-lasting effect.

To avoid complications, intramuscular injections are recommended in areas of the body where there is a thick layer of muscle tissue and no large vessels or nerve cords nearby. The length of the needle used depends on the thickness of the subcutaneous fat Tissue, as the injection penetrates the subcutaneous tissue and the needle must be inserted directly into the muscle. Injections are usually administered into the gluteal muscles, and less commonly into the anterior thigh muscles or deltoid muscle.

Possible complications of intramuscular injections

The following complications are possible with intramuscular injections:

- Needle penetration into a blood vessel, which can cause embolism if oily solutions or suspensions are injected that should not enter the bloodstream directly. When using such preparations, pull the plunger back into the muscle after inserting the needle and make sure there is no blood in the syringe.
- Infiltrates are painful muscle thickenings at the injection site. They may occur on the second or third day after injection. Increased sensitivity of human tissues to the injected drug (typical for oily solutions and some antibiotics)
- abscess: manifested by hyperemia, fluctuations and pain of the skin over the infiltrate, increased body temperature. It requires urgent surgical treatment and antibiotic therapy.
- Allergic reactions to the injected drug. To avoid these complications, before injecting the drug, a medical history is taken and the presence of allergic reactions to certain substances is determined. If an allergic reaction occurs (regardless of the previous form of administration), it is recommended to discontinue the drug, as re-administration of this drug may cause anaphylactic shock.

Subcutaneous Injections

Subcutaneous injection into the abdominal region with a syringe

Hematomas following injections into the abdomen

The subcutaneous fat layer has a dense vascular network, so subcutaneously injected drugs act much faster than orally injected: they bypass the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream directly, up to 2 ml diameter of the drug, which is quickly absorbed into the loose subcutaneous tissue and has no harmful effects on it.

The most suitable sites for subcutaneous injection are:

  • Outer surface of the upper arm;
  • Subscapular space;
  • The anterolateral surface of the thigh;
  • lateral surface of the abdominal wall;
  • The undersurface of the axilla.

In these areas, the skin can be easily pinched into the fold, and the risk of injuring blood vessels, nerves, and periosteum is minimal.

Injections are not recommended:

  • in areas of swollen subcutaneous fat;
  • Ingestion of lumps from poorly absorbed previous injections is not recommended.
  • The skin over the injection site is gathered into a fold, the needle is inserted into the skin at a 45° angle, and then the drug solution is gently injected into the subcutaneous fat.

Intracutaneous injection

Injecting preparations into the skin is technically not easy and requires some skill. The fine needle should penetrate only below the upper stratum corneum and not into the subcutaneous fat tissue. This is a sign that the injection has been made. Correct, it is a small bump with the preparation (so-called "lemon peel") that appears on the skin after the injection. It dissolves after a while.

Intradermal injection of preparations is mainly used in cosmetics for normalization of skin condition, but also for allergen and specific immune tests (Mantoux test, Schick reaction, etc.). Some types of local anesthetics are also administered in this way. They are usually administered on the outside of the upper and lower arm. Laypersons (people without medical training) should not administer these injections.

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