Book on PRP/CGF, Plasma Gel, Unicorn/Serum Therapy

The therapist's book for PRP practitioners is a compact work written in both German and English. It contains extensive information and pictures about the combined method PRP/CGF, plasma gel filler and the new Unicorn therapy for facial rejuvenation. The book is 128 pages and was published in 2021. It explains step by step the procedure of the mentioned...
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PRP Centrifuge Medifuge

The Medifuge PRP centrifuge from Silfradent is specifically designed for the production of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) with PRP tubes and offers fractionated centrifugation with a preset 6-part program. This specially designed centrifuge provides everything you need for efficient platelet and growth factor yield. With the...
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PRP starter set | EBA 200 - Your solution for successful PRP production 🛍️🩸

A PRP starter set containing all the components required for PRP production   1x Hettich EBA 200 centrifuge  2x Vi PRP-PRO PRP tubes, PU 10 pcs.  1x Kipic 27G 0.13 4mm, PU 100 pcs.  1x Safety blood collection set green with holder - PU 24 pcs.  1x Mediware disposable syringes 2/3ml 3-piece Luer-Lock sterile (PU 100 pcs.)  1x PRP serum cream for PRP     
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PRP Starter Set | EBA 270 - Professional equipment for PRP 💉🩸

Get the PRP starter kit | EBA 270 and revolutionize your PRP production processes. High-quality equipment for maximum efficiency and success. 🌟🩺 PRP starter set consisting of:   1x Hettich EBA 270 centrifuge  2x Vi PRP-PRO PRP tubes PU 10 pcs.  1x Kipic 27G 0.13 4mm, PU 100 pcs.  1x Safety blood collection set G 21 green with holder - PU 24 pcs.  1x...
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PRP starter set: Complete & simple for medical professionals 🛍️🌟

Enter the world of PRP therapy with our complete set for medical professionals. All in one: The set includes all the materials and instructions you need to get started right away. High quality: Consisting of certified components for optimal results and satisfied patients. Simple: Intuitive to use thanks to pre-configured systems and easy-to-understand...
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PRP tube holder / test tube stand

PRP tube holder stainless steel/brushed is a high quality tube holder/container designed to hold and store PRP tubes. It is made of brushed stainless steel and has a smooth surface. The PRP tube holder holds only the lower part of the tube, which makes it easier to work with. Capacity 10 tubes.  
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PRP tubes with melatonin: High-quality therapy option for hair growth

PRP tubes are high quality glass borosilicate tubes that are colored red and contain a melatonin supplement. Melatonin is a hormone that binds to specific melatonin receptors and is synthesized in the hair follicle. It controls and regulates hair growth and also has a very protective function as a radical scavenger and has an antioxidant effect against UV...
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PRP tubes | Vi PRP-PRO Set (PU 2 pcs.)

A pack contains 2 PRP tubes. An advantage of PRP tubes is that it is an autologous treatment, in which the blood from which the platelets are obtained comes from the patient himself. This means there is a small risk of allergic reactions or rejection reactions.  
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PRP tubes | Vi PRP-Pro | PU 10 pcs.

Vi PRP-Pro PRP tubes allow you to easily and efficiently obtain and process platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from patients' blood. These tubes are CE-marked and comply with numerous ISO certifications. Order No. (PZN): 18354916 Manufacturer article number: 100100 EAN number: 4170000035626 PU 10 piece    
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PRP/CGF tubes - 10 pieces | without anticoagulants

Density Platelet Gel PRP/CGF is the simplest and most efficient way to obtain and process platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from blood. The tubes contain no separating gel and have no anticoagulants, making them a safe and effective way to treat injuries, pain and other conditions.   Here are some advantages of Density Platelets Gel PRP/CGF tubes:   Easy and...
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Syringe holder - stainless steel/brushed

A syringe holder is an indispensable instrument, e.g. when performing a PRP treatment. It enables a hygienic and clear storage of the syringes during the treatment. Made of brushed steel, it ensures robust and durable use. Capacity 4 syringes.  
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Vi Serum - PRP Cream

Experience the benefits of personalized skin care with our PRP cream. The combination of your own plasma and the serum promotes cell renewal, moisturizes and helps prevent skin aging. The cream is also effective in fighting inflammation and improving skin tone. The cream becomes especially effective when all the plasma from a PRP tube is added. The...
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€797.78 per Liter

Vital Injector 2 (the original with med. CE)

Vital Injector2 is the improved version of the original Vital Injector, an automatic aqua lifting injector with the latest technology. It has the ability to use 5 needles simultaneously, which maximizes the effect and shortens the treatment time. It has also adopted a disposable filter system, which ensures a hygienic environment for safe treatments....


PRP therapy is a modern method of treating ligaments, tendons, joints, muscles and bones. It involves injecting platelet-rich plasma from the patient's blood into the problem area (such as a joint).

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. PRP therapy can be used not only in orthopedics, but also in microsurgery, cosmetology, trichology, and even gynecology.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is an innovative technology in which platelet rich plasma is administered to the patient. Plasma is a liquid part of blood that contains a number of vitamins, proteins, enzymes, hormones and other beneficial substances. Plasma also contains growth factors that activate cell growth and renewal. PRP therapy uses plasma enriched with platelets, which actively participate in the process of tissue healing. This accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissue and eliminates the inflammatory process and pain syndrome. PRP therapy is the newest method using an injectable form of plasma.

In modern orthopedics, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is used for rapid restoration of damaged tendons and ligaments, acceleration of cartilage tissue restoration in arthritis, osteoarthritis of various origins (traumatic or related to degenerative processes), and pain relief in injuries. The PRP method combines the body's natural self-healing powers with advanced innovative technologies.

The "growth factors" contained in PRP stimulate intensive regeneration of the affected joint, ligament and tendon tissue. This can involve not only cartilage or ligament tissue, but also muscle, bone and synovial fluid.

How does the PRP procedure work?

Blood is taken from the patient in the office (as in the analysis) in special PRP tubes and put into a centrifuge, where the red blood cells are separated, which significantly increases the concentration of platelets in the plasma. The red blood cells are removed and the resulting platelet concentrate is used for treatment.

Indications for PRP therapy

Injections of the patient's own plasma used in aesthetics, maxillofacial surgery and other areas of medicine, but most often in orthopedics. In degenerative diseases of the joints and spine, platelet injections have been shown to be more effective compared to traditional medications.

MedIntergro clinic specialists recommend prp therapy courses for patients with the following diseases:

- Arthritis in joints
- Osteoarthritis, coxarthrosis
- Bursitis
- Injuries and fractures
- Recovery after surgical interventions on joints and ligaments
- Cartilage atrophy of various etiologies

PRP therapy not only eliminates unpleasant symptoms such as pain, swelling, cracking and stiff joints, but also addresses the root cause of the problem by restoring the anatomical structure of the damaged tissue.

This method is also suitable for athletes and people with genetic predisposition to joint diseases as an effective preventive measure.

Contraindications to PRP therapy

The treatment itself is absolutely safe. The composition of the plasma and the injection instruments are sterile, rejection of the patient's own blood is impossible. However, there are some situations when the procedure must be canceled or postponed. These include:

- Pregnancy, breastfeeding or menstruation
- Cancer or autoimmune diseases, including immunodeficiency
- Low platelet and/or hemoglobin levels in the blood
- Taking medications that affect blood clotting
- Acute illnesses (viral, infectious or other), fevers

Characteristics of the PRP method

PRP treatment is in demand in medicine and aesthetic cosmetology because of its fast and long-lasting effect. The procedure is basically as follows:

- A specialist in the clinic takes a small amount of blood from the patient's vein and puts it into a disposable tube.
- The biomaterial is fed into a centrifuge, where the blood is separated into the mass of red blood cells and plasma.
- The doctor injects the material into the problem area.

This procedure takes about an hour. Thanks to anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain or discomfort. The treatment is performed with a microneedle that causes minimal injury to the skin.

With age, the production of collagen fibers, hyaluronic acid and elastin slows down. Serums and creams cannot restore youthfulness, fresh, rested appearance and radiance to the skin because these formulations work on the top layer of the skin. When plasma is injected under the skin, fibroblasts begin to work naturally. Plasma is rich in proteins, vitamins and platelets. This blood composition stimulates changes: intensive tissue regeneration, renewal, hydration. The risk of rejection, allergies and adverse effects is completely eliminated because the patient's own blood is used for the injection.

Results of PRP in aesthetics

PRP treatment is a procedure that improves your skin in a natural way. The result of the injections:

- The face gets a radiant, healthy complexion.
- Wrinkles are smoothed out. Nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles and crow's feet around the eyes become less pronounced.
- Turgor, skin tone is increased, the oval of the face is lifted.
- Acne and inflammations disappear.
- Vascular cross-links, couperose and traces of post-acne skin disappear.
- Sebaceous glands are normalized and sebum production is regulated.

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