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Daily Treatment Care [Skin Tone Series]

Daily Treatment Care [Skin Tone Series] is a highly effective skin care line specifically designed for daily use.  The products are formulated to suit different skin tones and provide personalized care to achieve even, radiant skin.  With a combination of powerful ingredients and a gentle formula, Daily Treatment Care [Skin Tone Series] improves skin...
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€599.80 Liter

DERMIDA ® Daily Treatment Care [Cellulite Series]

DERMIDA® Daily Treatment Care Cellulite Series is a daily care cream for the treatment of cellulite and water retention.  It improves microcirculation, promotes fat loss, stimulates metabolism and reduces water retention.  The cream is effective for all types of cellulite and other changes in the subcutaneous fat tissue in the areas of the thighs,...
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€299.90 per Liter

DERMIDA ® Daily Treatment Care [Oily Skin Series]

DERMIDA® Daily Treatment Care [Oily Skin Series] is a highly effective care for oily skin. It fights excess sebum and gives the skin a balanced, more matte appearance. The formula contains a combination of botanical ingredients and advanced technologies that shrink pores and fight impurities. With regular use, skin is smoothed and protected, resulting in...
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€299.90 1000ml

DERMIDA ® Daily Treatment Care [Stretch & Scar Series]

DERMIDA® Daily Treatment Care [Stretch & Scar Series] is a daily care cream specially formulated for scarred skin, stretch marks and stretch marks. The cream is rich in nutrients and improves the regeneration and new formation of cells. It is also suitable for use between cosmetic treatments, such as microneedling. The cream has an intensive...
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€299.90 1000ml

Matrixneedling™ Matrixyl Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum

Matrixneedling™ Matrixyl Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum is a powerful serum specifically designed for after-care treatment following dermaroller application. This serum contains a powerful peptide called Matrixyl that revitalizes, firms and smoothes the skin for a long time.  It helps to accelerate the rebuilding of skin cells while increasing the...
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€1,333.00 per Liter

Matrixneedling™ Retinol Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum

High quality anti-aging serum with retinol, vitamin C, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.  Matrixneedling™ Retinol Serum is a highly effective anti-aging serum specifically designed for use with Matrixneedling technology. It contains a high concentration of retinol, one of the most effective ingredients against wrinkles and signs of aging, as well as...
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€831.67 per Liter

Matrixneedling™ Vitamin C Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum

Matrixneedling™ Vitamin C Serum is a concentrated vitamin C serum with hyaluronic acid, designed for radiant and healthy skin. It is recommended as an after-care serum after microneedling and contains 30 ml. 
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€933.00 per Liter

Sun cream SPF 50 with UVA + UVB filter

Utsukusy Sunscreen SPF 50: For radiant and healthy skin Pamper your skin with our smooth sunscreen SPF 50! Highest protection: SPF 50 with UVA+UVB filter Prevents sunburn and pigmentation spots Nourishing effect: With aloe vera and rosehip Hypoallergenic and free of parabens Absorbs quickly without greasing Ideal for: Daily use The face Give your...
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€489.99 per Liter

UV Protect Cream SPF 50+ by DERMIDA®

Performance Cream is specially formulated to protect sensitive and irritated skin from sun damage after cosmetic treatments such as microneedling, microdermabrasion, BB Glow, etc., and to support the skin's healing process. Content 50 ML  
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€499.80 per Liter

Vi Serum - PRP Cream

Experience the benefits of personalized skin care with our PRP cream. The combination of your own plasma and the serum promotes cell renewal, moisturizes and helps prevent skin aging. The cream is also effective in fighting inflammation and improving skin tone. The cream becomes especially effective when all the plasma from a PRP tube is added. The...
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€797.78 per Liter

Creams for the face

Cosmetic creams for the face are cosmetic products used to care for the skin to cleanse, nourish, protect and maintain it in good condition, slow down the aging process and improve the skin's resistance to environmental influences skin care products it is important to pay attention to their composition

The ingredients must be balanced so that they have a cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect without drying out the epidermis. The cosmetics industry has developed a whole range of products to facilitate skin care. Special cleansing gels and foams help to shrink pores in oily skin and reduce dandruff in dry skin.

After washing, it is recommended to rub all over the skin with a moisturizing toner and treat problem areas with a disinfecting blemish lotion. The use of exfoliants with small abrasive particles is allowed. Skin hydration is an essential and very important step in skin care

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