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DERMIDA ® Enzymatic Treatment Peeling (100 ml)

DERMIDA® Enzymatic Treatment Peeling (100 ml) is a high-quality peeling with encapsulated papaya extracts that is used in cosmetic treatments such as microneedling, BB Glow, hyaline infusion, dermaplaning, filler injections and more.  It reliably frees the skin from dead skin cells, promotes skin renewal and optimally prepares the skin for all further...
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€229.90 per Liter

DERMIDA® Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30 % | Lactic acid peel against wrinkles & aging skin

DERMIDA® Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30% is a professional lactic acid peel specifically designed to treat wrinkles and aging skin. It contains 30% Lactid Acid, a highly effective and potent concentration of lactic acid. This combination makes it one of the strongest and most effective peels on the market.  It works on the surface of the skin by removing old skin...
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€8.00 per unit

Matrixpeel™ Anti-Acne | Peeling Complex against Acne and Oily Skin

Matrixpeel™ Anti-Acne Peeling Complex is a highly effective solution against acne and oily skin.  It contains a combination of natural ingredients that fight acne and cleanse the skin. The complex contains a combination of salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactobionic acid, which penetrate deep into the skin and rid the skin of impurities.  It gently...
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Matrixpeel™ Anti-Rosacea | Peeling Complex against Rosacea & Couperose

Matrixpeel™ Anti-Rosacea | Peeling Complex against Rosacea & Couperose is a highly effective, professional peeling complex specially developed to effectively and safely treat rosacea and couperose. It contains a combination of effective ingredients that strengthen, soothe and protect the skin from harmful environmental factors.  The complex contains...
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Matrixpeel™ Glycolic 20 % | chemical peel against pigment spots & blemished skin

Matrixpeel™ Glycolic 20% is a chemical peel designed to improve skin imperfections and reduce pigmentation spots. It is a professional product consisting of 20% glycolic acid that visibly lightens and smoothes the skin. It reduces the clogging of pores, eliminates dead skin cells and thus reduces the number of blackheads and pimples. It can also help...
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€8.00 per unit

Peeling is a cosmetic or dermatological treatment in which the superficial layers of the skin are removed. In the sense in which the word "peeling" is used in German, it is a pseudo-Anglicism. In English, the process is referred to as scrubbing or formal peeling: It peels off by itself.

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