Cellmula HD Solution - Hair regrowth

CELLMULA HD Solution - the ultimate intensive care ampoule for hair and scalp. 10 x 5ml vials that strengthen damaged hair roots and nourish the hair to improve hair health. Expect fantastic results for hair loss.  
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€3,190.16 per Liter

Cellmula HSR Solution - skin rejuvenation

Cellmula HSR Solution is a skincare product that is enriched with active ingredients such as biomimetic peptides, which promote the natural restoration of the skin and offer great benefits for a complete facial rejuvenation. It contains hyaluronic acid, 5 growth factors, 12 vitamins, 24 amino acids, 5 minerals, and 4 coenzymes. In addition, the product is...
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€3,190.22 per Liter

Dermaheal SB – Skin Brightening Solution

Dermaheal SB reduces and prevents hyperpigmentation and fights age spots. It is a product of Dermaheal, a brand synonymous with quality anti-aging care that counteracts the aging process of the skin with scientific methods. Content 10 X 5ml
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€21,012.61 per Liter

Eye Fine Lines - Microneedling Serum

Eye Fine Lines is an innovative eye contour care specially formulated to reduce wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes.
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Fat Remodeling - Fat Away - SLIGHTENING LIPOLYTICS

Fat Remodeling is the perfect solution for people who want to get rid of unwanted fat deposits on the abdomen, legs, arms or other parts of the body.
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€5,997.00 per Liter

HA PLUS - Hyaluronic acid for mesotherapy | 1ml

HA PLUS Hyaluronic Acid for Mesotherapy in 1ml presentation is an advanced product in the field of mesotherapy. This formulation contains 1ml of premium hyaluronic acid that specifically helps to increase skin hydration and flexibility. It promotes skin renewal and assists in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. HA PLUS Hyaluronic Acid is characterized by an...
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Hair Cocktail 5ml Vial

Hair Cocktail 5ml Vial is a revolutionary treatment to improve hair care. This cocktail contains a combination of active ingredients that specifically target the health and beauty of the hair. Among other things, Hair Cocktail contains biotin, panthenol and vitamin C, which promote hair growth, improve hair structure and lighten hair color....
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€3,160.00 per Liter

Hair Loss - Microneedling Serum

Hair Loss can help promote hair growth, strengthen the scalp and protect hair from further damage.
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€5,997.00 per Liter

Lactoferrin Cream, 30ml

Lactoferrin cream is a complex formulation that completes the result of aesthetic treatment. It helps to effectively combat redness and dyschromia of the skin and can contribute to the resolution of bruises and hematomas in the post-treatment phase.    Lactoferrin, aloe and hyaluronic acid based cream is an effective means of improving the results of...
€999.67 per Liter
Lemon Bottle Skin Booster
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Lemon Bottle Skin Booster - Bringing natural beauty to radiance

Discover the Lemon Bottle Skin Booster from SID Medicos, your secret weapon for youthfully radiant skin. This highly effective solution combines 30 carefully selected ingredients, including amino acids, peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants, with the power of hyaluronic acid to maximize skin elasticity and brighten the complexion. Dive into the world of...
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€5,950.07 per Liter

Mokzai Firming Cocktail to fight cellulite and sagging skin | Content: 10 x 10 ml

Mokzai Firming Cocktail is a body serum specially formulated to fight cellulite and sagging skin. It contains a combination of active ingredients that tighten and smooth the skin and 3% ZIRHAFIRM™, a polysaccharide made from plant extracts that strengthens and firms the skin. It also contains a combination of Zizyphus jujuba seed extract,...
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€1,490.00 per Liter

Shine Brighter Microneedling Serum

Shine Brighter is a gentle and effective brightening solution suitable for all skin types. It can be applied daily to the face and décolleté to achieve a radiant complexion. Content 5ML vial.
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€5,997.00 per Liter

Stop Age - Microneedling Serum

Stop Age is an anti-aging solution that rejuvenates, tightens and smoothes the skin. It is suitable for face, décolleté and back of hands. 5ML Vial.
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€5,997.00 per Liter

Why is anti-aging relevant?

The word "anti-aging" has recently entered our lexicon. Antiaging means "against the aging process". Anti-aging is a new branch of medicine dedicated to making people look younger. Yes it is, neither more nor less.

The modern successful person, male or female, simply has no right to feel and look bad. This can affect your career, personal life and most importantly your self-esteem. Health, fitness, beauty, youth - everything that is given away in youth demands more and more of our care and attention as time goes by

Many of those who want to preserve youth for a long time have already understood that "cavalry charge" as well as one-time events will not make much difference: We can take out pimples, starve for a week, lose fat.... These are all temporary and unreliable measures. We need a system, and anti-aging medicine provides it.

Anti-aging: a new approach to your health

Anti-aging as a theory and practice has been around for 20 years. in 1992, a group of physicians from the United States founded the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Robert Goldman, one of the founders, says, "We wanted to shift the focus to human age: we began to separate biological age (the condition of your vital organs and systems, biomarkers of age) from calendar age. We still believe by studying these biomarkers we can give advice on how to delay aging in each individual case. Simply put, anti-aging researchers studied the causes of aging and developed ways to prolong the body's youth

Scientists have yet to develop a general theory of aging, and existing hypotheses are controversial. There are several: the free radical hypothesis, which has led to a boom in antioxidant production, the immunogenetic theory and psychological theories: Scientists at the University of Bonn, for example, believe that changing behavior, cognition, motivation and life fitness leads to aging.

Attitudes toward anti-aging medicine are themselves mixed among medical professionals: some credit it with a bright future, while others criticize it. But despite these differences of opinion, we can say with certainty: doctors usually treat established diseases, while anti-aging medicine - specialists are proactive and try to stop the disease process before it causes more damage to the patient's body. In this sense, anti-aging certainly has a bright future.

Techniques of anti-aging medicine

Let's highlight some of the techniques that relate to both aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. For example, mesotherapy - a modern technique for treating the skin with the introduction of drugs and vitamins under the skin or under it to rejuvenate the skin. In this case, the effect is achieved through regenerative processes in the skin, which is fundamentally different from the recently popular artificial wrinkle smoothing.

By using platelet-enriched plasma, isolated from the patient's own blood, skin regeneration processes are "triggered", the result of which is the formation of new and young skin in the most natural way with the organism's own resources

Anti-aging medicine includes all aspects of the human body, both internal and external. If you care about the beauty and youth of your skin, you should not forget about a healthy lifestyle, exercise, proper nutrition and a daily routine. the main thing - do not wait until serious signs of aging of the body appear, and take care of them in advance. All this together will help us to have health, beauty and a high quality of life at any age.

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