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Daily Treatment Care [Skin Tone Series]

Daily Treatment Care [Skin Tone Series] is a highly effective skin care line specifically designed for daily use.  The products are formulated to suit different skin tones and provide personalized care to achieve even, radiant skin.  With a combination of powerful ingredients and a gentle formula, Daily Treatment Care [Skin Tone Series] improves skin...
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€599.80 Liter

DERMIDA ® Daily Treatment Care [Cellulite Series]

DERMIDA® Daily Treatment Care Cellulite Series is a daily care cream for the treatment of cellulite and water retention.  It improves microcirculation, promotes fat loss, stimulates metabolism and reduces water retention.  The cream is effective for all types of cellulite and other changes in the subcutaneous fat tissue in the areas of the thighs,...
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€299.90 per Liter

DERMIDA ® Daily Treatment Care [Oily Skin Series]

DERMIDA® Daily Treatment Care [Oily Skin Series] is a highly effective care for oily skin. It fights excess sebum and gives the skin a balanced, more matte appearance. The formula contains a combination of botanical ingredients and advanced technologies that shrink pores and fight impurities. With regular use, skin is smoothed and protected, resulting in...
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€299.90 1000ml

DERMIDA ® Daily Treatment Care [Stretch & Scar Series]

DERMIDA® Daily Treatment Care [Stretch & Scar Series] is a daily care cream specially formulated for scarred skin, stretch marks and stretch marks. The cream is rich in nutrients and improves the regeneration and new formation of cells. It is also suitable for use between cosmetic treatments, such as microneedling. The cream has an intensive...
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€299.90 1000ml

DERMIDA ® Enzymatic Treatment Peeling (100 ml)

DERMIDA® Enzymatic Treatment Peeling (100 ml) is a high-quality peeling with encapsulated papaya extracts that is used in cosmetic treatments such as microneedling, BB Glow, hyaline infusion, dermaplaning, filler injections and more.  It reliably frees the skin from dead skin cells, promotes skin renewal and optimally prepares the skin for all further...
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€229.90 per Liter

DERMIDA ® Treatment Cleanser [Basic Series] (100 ml)

DERMIDA® Treatment Cleanser Basic Series 100ml is a light but effective cleanser specially designed for daily facial care. It contains no parabens or sulfates and is therefore particularly mild and gentle to the skin.  The cleanser reliably removes makeup, dirt and excess oil without irritating the skin. It moisturizes the skin and leaves it feeling...
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€238.00 per Liter

DERMIDA ® Treatment Purifying Cleanser [Acne & Oily Skin Series] (100 ml)

DERMIDA® Treatment Purifying Cleanser is a cleanser for oily skin types that can be used before cosmetic treatments such as microneeding, BB Glow, microdermabrasion or mesotherapy. It cleanses the skin thoroughly and particularly gently, preparing the skin optimally for the treatment. It is especially suitable for people with skin prone to blackheads and...
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€229.90 per Liter

DERMIDA® Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30 % | Lactic acid peel against wrinkles & aging skin

DERMIDA® Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30% is a professional lactic acid peel specifically designed to treat wrinkles and aging skin. It contains 30% Lactid Acid, a highly effective and potent concentration of lactic acid. This combination makes it one of the strongest and most effective peels on the market.  It works on the surface of the skin by removing old skin...
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€8.00 per unit

DERMIDA® Post Treatment Repair Balm (Basic Series) 50 x 2 ml

DERMIDA® Post Treatment Repair Balm is a unique skin care formula specially designed to soothe and strengthen the skin after dermatological treatment. The natural ingredients contained, such as grape seed oil and shea butter, help to balance and soothe hypersensitive skin. The lightweight balm texture is easy to apply and absorbs quickly to improve skin...
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€599.90 per Liter

Hydration Body Mask | iActive-3-Level-Complex | Body Mask after Microneedling

The Hydration Body Mask is a true innovation and the world's first skin care mask that can be applied after a microneedling treatment. It is designed to nourish the body after the treatment of wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, cellulite, lipolysis and other cosmetic and medical treatments. The masks contain iActive-3-Level Complex developed by DERMIDA Lab,...
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Hygienic Steamer EV1 GA - Disinfection of the latest generation!

The Hygiene Steamer EV1 GA is an innovative disinfection device designed to disinfect equipment, surfaces and premises quickly and economically. It is designed as a hand-held device and can be used in practices, clinics, pharmacies, hairdressing salons and stores with patient and customer contact. The new model of the EV1 GA hygiene steamer can perform...
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Lactoferrin Balm - Gentle against bruises!

Lactoferrin Balm: Soothe & Repair After Aesthetic Procedures New Formula! Enhanced Effect! Lactoferrin Balm is a special cream for reducing redness, bruising and hematomas after aesthetic treatments such as injections, PRP and laser treatments or peelings. The new formula with lactoferrin, squalane, glycerin, arbutin and other active ingredients:...
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€999.67 per Liter

Matrixneedling™ Matrixyl Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum

Matrixneedling™ Matrixyl Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum is a powerful serum specifically designed for after-care treatment following dermaroller application. This serum contains a powerful peptide called Matrixyl that revitalizes, firms and smoothes the skin for a long time.  It helps to accelerate the rebuilding of skin cells while increasing the...
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€1,333.00 per Liter

Matrixneedling™ Retinol Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum

High quality anti-aging serum with retinol, vitamin C, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.  Matrixneedling™ Retinol Serum is a highly effective anti-aging serum specifically designed for use with Matrixneedling technology. It contains a high concentration of retinol, one of the most effective ingredients against wrinkles and signs of aging, as well as...
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€831.67 per Liter

Matrixneedling™ Vitamin C Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum

Matrixneedling™ Vitamin C Serum is a concentrated vitamin C serum with hyaluronic acid, designed for radiant and healthy skin. It is recommended as an after-care serum after microneedling and contains 30 ml. 
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€933.00 per Liter

Matrixpeel™ Anti-Acne | Peeling Complex against Acne and Oily Skin

Matrixpeel™ Anti-Acne Peeling Complex is a highly effective solution against acne and oily skin.  It contains a combination of natural ingredients that fight acne and cleanse the skin. The complex contains a combination of salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactobionic acid, which penetrate deep into the skin and rid the skin of impurities.  It gently...
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€8.00 price pu

Matrixpeel™ Anti-Rosacea | Peeling Complex against Rosacea & Couperose

Matrixpeel™ Anti-Rosacea | Peeling Complex against Rosacea & Couperose is a highly effective, professional peeling complex specially developed to effectively and safely treat rosacea and couperose. It contains a combination of effective ingredients that strengthen, soothe and protect the skin from harmful environmental factors.  The complex contains...
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Matrixpeel™ Glycolic 20 % | chemical peel against pigment spots & blemished skin

Matrixpeel™ Glycolic 20% is a chemical peel designed to improve skin imperfections and reduce pigmentation spots. It is a professional product consisting of 20% glycolic acid that visibly lightens and smoothes the skin. It reduces the clogging of pores, eliminates dead skin cells and thus reduces the number of blackheads and pimples. It can also help...
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€8.00 per unit

Ocean Activity® HYDRA - moisturizing mask for dry skin

Ocean Activity® HYDRA - your solution for dry and dehydrated skin. Experience the power of a delicate serum embedded in an intensive moisturizing mask. This unique mask effectively combats dryness and restores the natural balance of your skin. With just one application, you will feel your skin revive - soft, supple and full of vitality. Contents - 1x...
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Ocean Activity® RENOVA - deep sea regeneration mask

Ocean Activity® RENOVA - Unleash the youth of your skin. Enjoy the renewing power of a luxurious anti-aging mask that not only cares for your skin, but also makes it glow. With its unique formulation, RENOVA visibly reduces facial wrinkles and gives you a youthful, glowing complexion. Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
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Sun cream SPF 50 with UVA + UVB filter

Utsukusy Sunscreen SPF 50: For radiant and healthy skin Pamper your skin with our smooth sunscreen SPF 50! Highest protection: SPF 50 with UVA+UVB filter Prevents sunburn and pigmentation spots Nourishing effect: With aloe vera and rosehip Hypoallergenic and free of parabens Absorbs quickly without greasing Ideal for: Daily use The face Give your...
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€489.99 per Liter

UV Protect Cream SPF 50+ by DERMIDA®

Performance Cream is specially formulated to protect sensitive and irritated skin from sun damage after cosmetic treatments such as microneedling, microdermabrasion, BB Glow, etc., and to support the skin's healing process. Content 50 ML  
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€499.80 per Liter

Vi Serum - PRP Cream

Experience the benefits of personalized skin care with our PRP cream. The combination of your own plasma and the serum promotes cell renewal, moisturizes and helps prevent skin aging. The cream is also effective in fighting inflammation and improving skin tone. The cream becomes especially effective when all the plasma from a PRP tube is added. The...
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€797.78 per Liter
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