Hygiene Steamer EV1 GA - the latest generation of disinfection!
Hygiene Steamer EV1 GA - the latest generation of disinfection!

Hygienic Steamer EV1 GA - Disinfection of the latest generation!

The Hygiene Steamer EV1 GA is an innovative disinfection device designed to disinfect equipment, surfaces and premises quickly and economically.

It is designed as a hand-held device and can be used in practices, clinics, pharmacies, hairdressing salons and stores with patient and customer contact.

The new model of the EV1 GA hygiene steamer can perform complete disinfection within a very short time. In seconds, surfaces to be disinfected, equipment and all surfaces are protected.



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Hygienic Steamer EV1 GA

Disinfection solution/VAPORCID VPC_02BC is included in the unit price.

4 x 100 ml - sufficient for 4 x 5 l solution

High yield for economical disinfection.

Hand-held device for use in medical practices, clinics, pharmacies, hairdressing salons and all businesses with patient and customer contact.

The video shows comprehensively and very impressively the possibilities of the device.

The new model EV1 GA is able to perform a complete disinfection in a very short time.

In a few seconds the surfaces / devices / surfaces to be disinfected are protected.

Steam has the property of penetrating quickly and very deeply.

This cannot be achieved with wipe or spray disinfection.

The process takes only seconds and no exposure times need to be observed.

The turbulent workday is not held up by lengthy disinfection.

Patients, customers can be disinfected quickly and easily already in the reception or entrance area.

Waiting rooms are cleaned in seconds with dry steam without the surface getting wet.

This unique high-pressure steam generator EV1 GA produces a nebulization of dry steam that penetrates the surfaces without wetting them. The surface to be disinfected remains dry!

A suitable disinfectant is introduced directly into the boiler and complies with the regulations for industrial and commercial production.

The EV1 GA portable steam generator is compact and functional.

It is filled manually, connection to the water network is not required.


Disinfectant solution/VAPORCID VPC_02BC Place the 100 ml bottle in a canister with 5 liters of distilled water. Pour 1 liter of this into the steamer. Press Start - after a short heating time, the unit is ready for operation.

Powerful: Generates dry steam up to 4.5 bar

Fast: It takes less than 15 minutes to reach the desired pressure.

Boiler: Large capacity (4.5 liters);

Heating: maintenance-free external heating element.

We will gladly send you the safety data sheet.

The information is in English language

Safety Data Sheet No. BC03

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