LEMON BOTTLE Ampoule Solution
LEMON BOTTLE Ampoule Solution

LEMON BOTTLE Ampoule Solution - For firm skin and a slim figure

LEMON BOTTLE: The Natural Power for Tighter Skin

Say goodbye to unsightly fat deposits and sagging skin! LEMON BOTTLE revolutionizes fat reduction with gentle and effective power.

Developed by Korean dermatologists, LEMON BOTTLE harnesses the natural power of lemon extract. Fat cells are specifically targeted and broken down, while the skin is simultaneously tightened and smoothed. Gently and without harmful side effects, you experience a new body feeling.


  • Highly concentrated ampoule solution with 10ml of pure lemon extract
  • 5 vials for precise and hygienic application

Unleash your beauty potential!


  • Gentle & effective fat reduction
  • Tighter & smoother skin
  • Natural ingredients
  • No harmful side effects
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LEMON BOTTLE AMPULLE: The key to natural fat reduction.

Revolutionize your beauty routine with LEMON BOTTLE

Discover LEMONBOTTLE, the innovative product for anyone looking for a safe and effective fat reduction solution. Whether you're already a fan or discovering LEMONBOTTLE for the first time, let's find out together how this product can change your life.


LEMONBOTTLE is characterized by its unique formula developed by leading Korean dermatologists. Unlike products based on PPC or deoxycholic acid, LEMONBOTTLE relies on a blend of natural ingredients that are not only effective but also safe for your body. Our goal: to enhance your beauty in a healthy way.


For the face

  • Reduces the fullness of the face and improves elasticity.
  • Corrects asymmetries and reduces the appearance of a double chin.
  • Refines the contours and emphasizes the natural beauty of the face.

For the body

  • Offers a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.
  • Aims for rapid weight loss and targets fat deposits.
  • Ideal for people who are dissatisfied with conventional weight loss methods.

The power of nature in every bottle

- Bromelain

This pineapple enzyme is the key to fat loss. Contrary to the opinion of some critics, numerous studies prove the effectiveness of bromelain in reducing fat as well as its anti-inflammatory properties.

- Riboflavin

An indispensable component of the metabolism. Riboflavin in LEMONBOTTLE accelerates the breakdown of fat and minimizes swelling after treatment.

- Lecithin

Obtained from plant sources, lecithin prevents skin necrosis and allergic reactions. It is a key factor in the breakdown of fat cells.

Lemon Bottle

Your trusted partner: SID MEDICOS

Behind LEMON BOTTLE is SID MEDICOS, a pioneer in the development of solutions for lipolysis and skin improvement. With LEMONBOTTLE, which is already used in over 40 countries, we are setting new standards for beauty and health.

Science meets beauty

LEMONBOTTLE combines the best of science and nature. A formula enriched with ingredients such as water, Ananas Sativus fruit extract, Pentylene Glycol and Bromelain guarantees gentle and effective fat reduction.

LEMON BOTTLE: Not just a product, but a revolution

LEMONBOTTLE offers a painless, non-invasive and natural method of fat reduction. Our customers experience visible results the very next day without pain or swelling. With precise pH control and no lidocaine or sodium deoxycholate, LEMONBOTTLE is a safe choice for your beauty.

Composition: The power of natural ingredients

With a combination of water, Ananas Sativus fruit extract, bromelain, lecithin and other plant extracts, LEMONBOTTLE focuses on naturalness. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) activates the fat metabolism, while lecithin transports and breaks down fat cells.


Water, Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit Extract, Pentylene Glycol, Bromelain, Sodium Chloride, Lecithin, Centella Asiatica Extract, Salvia Miltiorriza Root Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Riboflavin


One pack contains 5 ampoules with 10 ml of natural solution each.

Areas of application for LEMON BOTTLE

From the double chin to the thighs, LEMONBOTTLE offers targeted solutions for different parts of the body. Enjoy the flexibility and effectiveness of our treatments tailored to your specific needs.

LEMON BOTTLE supports the reduction of localized fat deposits, combats cellulite and promotes a youthful, firm skin appearance. It is suitable for treating the face, hips, arms, stomach and thighs.

LEMONBOTTLE is particularly effective where diet and exercise alone are not enough. It is the ideal solution for people who want targeted fat reduction without invasive procedures. The treatment is fast, effective and virtually painless.

Lemon Bottle

Why LEMON BOTTLE is the better choice

Compared to conventional methods of fat reduction, LEMONBOTTLE offers numerous advantages: It is natural, non-invasive, easy to use and enables targeted treatment without dieting and long recovery periods.

Terms of use of LEMON BOTTLE

  • Drink at least 300 ml of water after the treatment to promote the removal of the broken down fat cells.
  • Do not eat on the day of treatment and the morning after.
  • The recommended dosage varies depending on the treatment area, with specific guidelines for the face and body.
  • A healthy diet and regular exercise are essential to maintain results.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures for at least 48 hours.

Side effects: What to watch out for

Although LEMONBOTTLE has minimal side effects compared to invasive methods, redness, swelling or slight bruising may occur. If serious concerns arise, medical attention should be sought immediately.

LEMONBOTTLE offers an innovative, safe and natural solution for targeted fat reduction and skin tightening. Discover now how LEMONBOTTLE can revolutionize your beauty routine.

A consultation with a medical specialist is required prior to treatment to determine your suitability. Inform your doctor of any allergies or existing medical conditions.

Discover LEMON BOTTLE now

Don't wait any longer and experience for yourself how LEMONBOTTLE can revolutionize your beauty routine. Order today and join thousands of satisfied customers who have already taken the first step towards a healthier and more beautiful you with LEMON BOTTLE.

LEMONBOTTLE combines bromelain, riboflavin and vegetable lecithin in an innovative product that safely dissolves fat while promoting "healthy beauty" without harmful side effects.

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