Profhilo - Bio Remodeling
Profhilo - Bio Remodeling
Profhilo - Bio Remodeling
Profhilo - Bio Remodeling

PROFHILO H+L Bio Remodeling

PROFHILO H+L is an innovative, stabilized hyaluronic acid product without chemical cross-linking agents. It is used for skin reshaping and treatment of skin sagging and offers the highest available hyaluronic acid concentrations on the market. Available in a 1x2ml syringe from IBSA, the original manufacturer.



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PROFHILO® - Bio Remodelling

PROFHILO® H+L is the first stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA) based product manufactured without the use of chemical crosslinking agents (BDDE). Profhilo® is used for skin reshaping and treatment of skin sagging, not only for filling lines and wrinkles.

Profhilo® is the ideal solution for those who want to maintain beautiful and fresh skin without giving up anything in their lives. It is used to treat sagging skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and compensate for structural deficiencies.

Profhilo H+L Bio Remodeling is a stable hyaluronic acid injection that can be used to achieve these results. It can be purchased in North Rhine-Westphalia - Herne from private and commercial suppliers.

Profhilo® is a new trend in WOW aesthetics. Profhilo® is a stable hyaluronic acid injection that can be used to treat sagging skin.

Profhilo from IBSA is a highly purified hyaluronic acid. Through a patented bio-fermentation process, it is classified as "top quality" worldwide. The product is characterized by purity, safety and high resistance to thermal production processes.

PROFHILO is an innovative skin-firming preparation that enables multi-stage dynamic remodeling of the face, neck and body. Profhilo is a new anti-aging ally that nourishes the cells of the dermis and increases their elasticity, it has a long-lasting lifting effect.

Content 1x2ml syringe

The package contains 1 prefilled syringe with 2 needles type 29G x ½" (0.33 x 12 mm)

- 2 ml pre-filled syringe (32 mg (H-HA) + 32 mg (L-HA) hyaluronic acid sodium salt in 2 ml buffered isotonic saline);

Medical device for intradermal use

Sterile - single-use product.

Profhilo injection


Profhilo is not designed as a dermal filler. Therefore, it is not as effective to add volume, restrict movement or shape. Instead, Profhilo's formulation improves tone, texture and elasticity. The result is a healthier, younger-looking complexion.

PROFHILO® dramatically improves tissue quality, even in difficult areas, and complements other aesthetic treatments and dermal filler procedures. Its effect can last from 6 to 9 months.

Treatment with Profhilo

Profhilo can be used anywhere the skin needs to be rejuvenated, but most typically:

" tops of cheeks

" side of the face

" Lines around the mouth

" Nasolabial folds

" Laugh lines

With only 5 small injections per side of the face, the most receptive BAP are injected.

Profhilo is an anti-wrinkle treatment that can turn back time and bring back natural beauty.

Two treatments are recommended, four to six weeks apart. Unlike many other dermal fillers and injections, Prophilo is safe for multiple applications over the entire body.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid work well for general treatment areas such as the face, neck and arms, as well as the underarms, abdomen and knees. Forearms, abdomen and knees. The most widely used BAP map is designed to provide the best guidelines for precise positioning for specific measurements for the face and neck. For example: see description below. Compared to other injection methods, the innovative BAP Profilo technology significantly reduces the risk of bruising, redness and inflammation at the injection site.


The injection sites spread over a large area in the subcutis and immediately provide a fresh appearance. After remaining in the tissue for a longer period of time, PROFHILO® stimulates intensive collagen formation.

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Due to the special manufacturing process, PROFHILO® remains in the tissue 30 times longer than uncross-linked hyaluronic acid (as used in mesotherapy products), where it unfolds its moisturizing and stimulating effect. PROFHILO® contains 64 mg of hyaluronic acid per 2 ml of product, making it one of the most concentrated hyaluronic products on the world market.

PROFHILO® is injected with very fine needles at only 5 defined injection points per half of the face. Due to its special flowability, PROFHILO® distributes itself in the tissue.

Immediately after treatment, you can usually resume your usual activities.

A treatment cycle consists of at least 2 applications at intervals of 4 weeks. A booster treatment is recommended after 4 to 6 months.

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In vitro studies have shown that PROFHILO® improves the extracellular milieu.

" maintains suitable conditions for the viability of fibroblasts, keratinocytes and adipocytes.

" This leads to restructuring of the extracellular matrix in terms of elasticity and support. PROFHILO® increases elastin expression!

PROFHILO® - Bio Remodelling


Is Profhilo natural? Well, it is a non-surgical hyaluronic acid (which occurs naturally in our body), so it is not necessary to add any chemicals. It is not really a dermal filler or mesotherapy.

Traditional dermal fillers contain a synthetic chemical called BDDE. BDDE is short for 1,4-butanediol diglycidol, a magical ingredient that binds the entire hyaluronic acid chain, preventing it from breaking down in the body. It is naturally stable, so no chemicals need to be added. Therefore, it is not a dermal filler or mesotherapy product, but a unique product unto itself.

PROFHILO® has a unique and patented formula. When exposed to heat, high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid combine to form a hybrid molecule. This thermal cross-linking eliminates the need for additives (such as BDDE) and results in excellent product compatibility.

PROFHILO® is a highly pure hyaluronic acid which, due to its strong water-attracting effect, moisturizes the skin from within, stimulates the body's own hyaluronic acid production and promotes the formation of elastin and collagen.


The absence of additives ensures optimal tolerability and minimizes the risk of side effects.

PROFHILO® can be combined with all common fillers, PRP, laser and botulinum treatments.


PROFHILO® was awarded Product Innovation of the Year 2016 at the Aesthetics Awards 2016 in the UK and the International Anti-Aging and Beauty Trophy for Best Skin Improvement Product at the European Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging in Paris in October 2015. in 2018, PROFHILO® was awarded "Best injectable product".

profhilo awards

PROFHILO® treatment is fast, gentle and hardly noticeable.

At five defined injection points on each side of the face, tiny amounts of PROFHILO® are injected with very fine needles. Thanks to its special properties and the special BAP (Bio Aesthetic Points) injection technique, PROFHILO® is distributed throughout the tissue. The entire facial skin benefits from its moisturizing effect.

Immediately after the treatment, you can resume your usual activities.

One treatment with two applications at intervals of 4 weeks is usually sufficient to achieve a visible anti-aging effect. After another 6 months, a booster treatment is recommended. Of course, PROFHILO® can also be applied to other areas of the body such as the décolleté, neck and back of the hands. Where the skin is tired and dry, PROFHILO® brings moisture and thus new freshness to the tissue.

The BAP treatment techniques for face and neck

Profhilo BAP techniques

The BAP technique (BAP = Bioesthetic Points)

This technique makes it possible to flood the entire face with PROFHILO® with only 5 small injections per half of the face using the finest cannula (29G TW).

The dosed amount of the particularly absorbent BAP points allows a wide diffusion of PROFHILO® into the subcutaneous tissue, creating a natural and long-lasting effect for a fresh appearance. PROFHILO® can be combined with all standard cosmetic procedures (fillers and Botox).

PROFHILO® is designed for tissue remodeling and elimination of skin atony on the face, neck, décolleté, inside of the shoulders and hands. The medication is applied using the BAP technique (bioesthetic points).

Each point is a specific area without large vessels and nerves, which is selected taking into account the anatomical structure.

The injections are administered at 5 points on each side of the face, which means that only 10 injections are required.

The BAP technique was originally developed for the malar and submalar areas, which are prone to skin atrophy due to aging. It is the most widely used and recommended protocol for the treatment of these areas.

Due to the high fluidity of PROFHILO®, without leaving irregularities in the tissue, a special BAP technique was developed for the neck.

This injection technique minimizes the risk of side effects in the form of papules, bruising and edema and ensures the most even and homogeneous distribution of the drug.

Profhilo application on the face to demonstrate the BAP technique

Profhilo application on the neck to demonstrate the BAP technique

The IBSA recommends two sessions at one month intervals using the BAP (Bio Esthetic Points) technique to minimize the risks and maximize the flowability of the product.

Five points must be identified for intradermal administration of PROFHILO®:

1.Zygomatic arch. It is recommended to maintain a distance of at least 2 cm from the lateral canthus (outer corner of the eye).

2. the base of the nose. A line connecting the nostril to the tragus and a perpendicular line extending from the pupil should be drawn to locate the injection site at the intersection of the two lines.

3.Tragus. It is recommended to stay at least 1 cm in front of the lower edge of the tragus.

4. Chin. A vertical line is to be drawn at the center of the chin and a vertical line one-third of the distance from the top of the vertical line. From the intersection of these lines, move the injection point 1.5 cm toward the corner of the mouth.

5. Mandibular angle. The fifth point is located 1 cm above the angle of the mandible.

Then, 0.2 ml of the product is injected into the deep dermal/subcutaneous levels using the bolus technique.

The injections should be followed by a light massage.


Through its corrective and replenishing action on natural and induced skin depressions, PROFHILO® intervenes:

" on the physiological process of skin aging, the consequences of which are a decrease in skin hydration and changes in elastic fibers and skin collagen, accompanied by a loss of tone and elasticity;

" the process of dermal tissue repair, which occurs in scars caused by superficial injuries to the skin (e.g. acne and pockmarks).

The viscoelastic and moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid, combined with the maintenance of an adequate concentration of hyaluronic acid in the skin tissue, ensure the rehydration of the skin and create optimal conditions to prevent and counteract skin aging.

Aging processes of the skin as well as to any kind of scarring.


Hyaluronic acid also plays a role in the extracellular matrix by creating the physiological conditions for the growth, migration and organization of dermal cell components. In addition, the intradermal administration of PROFHILO® and its action in the dermis instead of the epidermis allows the optimal amount of hyaluronic acid to be delivered directly to the tissue to be treated, where it counteracts the cytotoxic effect of free radicals on fibroblasts and the underlying fat layers, thus ensuring the effectiveness of preventive and corrective aesthetic treatments.

The hyaluronic acid used in PROFHILO® is obtained from a natural substrate by biosynthesis without further chemical modification. PROFHILO® therefore has excellent biocompatibility and its application in the dermis allows integration with endogenous hyaluronic acid reduced and modified by physiological aging processes of the skin or by superficial skin lesions.

In addition, in vitro studies were performed to determine possible incompatibilities and/or interactions between PROFHILO® and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The results show that PRP does not alter the rheological behavior of sodium hyaluronate.

PROFHILO® is indicated for treatments to redefine facial and body contours and to model sagging areas. In particular, it is indicated for the treatment of the area above and below the zygomatic bone, upper arms, abdomen and other areas affected by sagging skin.

An initial cycle of two treatments at 30-day intervals is recommended, followed by booster treatments at two-month intervals if needed. In any case, it is advisable to evaluate the specific PROFHILO® protocol, taking into account the individual age of the treated person.


Hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal fillers are currently the most popular treatment for skin aging in dermo-aesthetic medicine. Recent studies have shown that the combination of HA chains of different lengths and molecular weights improves tissue repair and regeneration through a synergistic mechanism. Profhilo® is a product that has been on the market since 2015 and is based on stable, hybrid and cooperative complexes (HyCoCos) produced using NAHYCO® Hybrid Technology, an innovative thermal process that does not require chemical reagents. The result is a filler with high biocompatibility and low viscosity that promotes optimal diffusion at the tissue level to achieve the desired bioremodeling of the facial contour. The objective of this review is to provide data from the entire post-marketing experience after 3 years of use and more than 40,000 patients treated with the medical device.

It is the world's first product that combines lifting effect and moisturizing in one!

Profhilo® , launched in 2015, is a novel HA preparation from IBSA, based on stable hybrid cooperative complexes (HyCoCos) and is the first product developed using NAHYCO® hybrid technology, an innovative thermal manufacturing process patented by IBSA.

The package contains 1 prefilled syringe with 2 needles 29 G × ½ (0.33 x 12 mm) with the following available volume: -2 ml prefilled syringe - 32 mg (H - HA) + 32 mg (L - HA) hyaluronic acid sodium salt in 2 ml buffered physiological saline. The prefilled syringes are sterilized with moist heat and the needles with ethylene oxide.

The manufacturing process starts with a simple mixture of 32 mg of high molecular weight HA (1100-1400 kDa) and 32 mg of low molecular weight HA (80-100 kDa). The mixture is then stabilized by the above-mentioned thermal process, which does not use crosslinking agents and consists of a first step at high temperature and a subsequent step at low temperature.

The result is a product that promotes both remodeling and repair of the tissue, even if scars have already appeared. It also improves the elasticity of the skin on the face, neck and body.

PROFHILO® is suitable for the treatment of the face and body, especially for the treatment of the malar-zygomatic and submalar areas. An initial cycle of two treatments 30 days apart is recommended, followed by maintenance treatments every two months if necessary. However, it is recommended to evaluate the specific PROFHILO® protocol depending on the age of the patient.

Important Notice:

As distributors, we point out that the injection of products with and without lidocaine should be performed only by trained and medically qualified personnel from the medical and nursing fields.



Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a polysaccharide naturally occurring in the human body whose main function is to maintain proper tissue hydration, enabled by its inherent ability to bind large amounts of water.

The sodium salt of hyaluronic acid consists of repeating disaccharide units of N-acetylglucosamine and sodium glucuronate chains and is an essential component of the extracellular matrix in most tissues, including skin.

PROFHILO® is a buffered isotonic solution of high molecular weight (H-HA) and low molecular weight (L-HA) hyaluronic acid (HA).

The high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid used in this product is obtained by biofermentation without chemical modification and is therefore very well tolerated. Through a special, patented preparation of the solution (NAHYCO® Hybrid Technology), the H-HA and L-HA chains contained in PROFHILO® interact with each other, resulting in unique rheological properties that allow higher HA concentrations to be administered without an increase in viscosity.

The formulation of the hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights contained in PROFHILO® is based on the Hydrolift® effect. This innovative approach aims to counteract the physiological decrease of hyaluronic acid content in the skin, restore moisture content, elasticity and tone by synergistically combining deep hydration with the mechanical action of a skin lift.

Other ingredients of the product are sodium chloride, sodium phosphate and water for injection.



Many customers ask, "Is it worth buying Profhilo?" The answer is simple: yes, it is worth it. It's fast, effective, minimally invasive and doesn't carry the risks of other procedures.

With Profhilo, you can provide your patients with healthy, smoother, fresher-looking skin and a radiant appearance for years to come.

You can purchase professional Profhilo cosmetics from us at an attractive price. We guarantee the authenticity and high quality of the products.

In the online store you can quickly and easily order online elite products for skin, body and hair care.

We deliver worldwide.

Is Profhilo® a filler or a skin booster?

PROFHILO® is not a filler or skin booster. It requires fewer sessions and provides more moisture.

PROFHILO is not a filler, but a hyaluronic acid gel with innovative bioremodeling properties. It forms four types of collagen and elastin, which makes it an effective treatment for sagging skin, lack of moisture and tired skin in general.

PROFHILO solves the problem of dehydration and gives the skin back its natural radiance.

Is PROFHILO® better than dermal fillers?

It has already been pointed out that while Profhilo offers similar benefits, it is not a skin booster.

Another popular treatment that many people confuse with Profhilo is exactly the same as Dermal Fillers. This is a bio-remodeling treatment that rejuvenates the skin's natural elastic and collagen products.

While Dermal Fillers are ideal if you only want minor corrections and improvements to certain areas of your face, such as the cheeks or under the eyes, Profhilo is the cosmetic facial you should choose if you want major improvements to your face.

Profhilo falls into the category of "injections," but it is very different from and not a substitute for hyaluronic acid fillers and Botox. This treatment cannot compensate for loss of facial volume or relax muscles.

The improvement in skin quality provides a very natural look. It is an excellent first step towards anti-aging.

How does Profhilo work?

Profhilo consists of the purest form of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is injected specifically into the upper layers of the skin using a very small needle. It spreads effortlessly throughout the skin, where it exerts a "restorative" effect on the tissues by deeply hydrating them and initiating their biological remodeling process. Unlike dermal fillers, which are used to increase volume, Profhilo is designed to improve skin quality.

When will I see the first results from Profhilo?

The product remains on the skin for approximately 28 days, during which time it stimulates collagen and elastin production through the slow release of hyaluronic acid. After 4 weeks the results are visible and after 8 weeks you will notice that your skin looks youthful, hydrated and radiant.

What are the advantages of Profhilo?

Profhilo triggers a tissue reaction known as "bioremodeling" that smoothes, tightens and makes skin glow from within. In short, Profhilo sculpts sagging skin and fights imperfections.

Profhilo is not a substitute for fillers and Botox and can be used in combination with them or as a stand-alone treatment.

Profhilo acts on the quality of the skin and not on the muscle movements that cause wrinkles (these are treated with injections to relax the muscles) or on the loss of volume of fat pads and the filling of certain wrinkles (these problems are treated with dermal fillers).

PROFHILO helps to repair and rejuvenate the skin, tighten it and give it a more defined appearance, eliminate fine lines, expression lines and wrinkles, and smooth the skin by eliminating wrinkles and sagging skin.

Am I a suitable candidate for Profhilo?

Anyone showing signs of aging can benefit from PROFHILO. The preferred age group for PROFHILO is between 40 and 50. But people outside this age group can also use PROFHILO as a preventive treatment to keep their skin strong and in good condition.

What is the Profhilo treatment protocol?

It only takes two treatments, one month apart, to experience the benefits of PROFHILO on your skin. Depending on your skin type, you may notice an effect after just one or two days. For others, it may take a week or more for the effects to be visible. However, the best results are usually visible 8 weeks after the first treatment.

On the face, only 5 injection points are needed on each side of the face to achieve optimal results.

It is injected just below the skin's surface, where it spreads quickly (since it lacks the cross-linking agent BDDE) and reacts with the skin's own tissues to immediately increase moisture levels.

In Phase 2, over the next 4 weeks, the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis is increased, giving the skin a youthful, smooth, soft and firm appearance.

The results of the treatment last up to six months.

Profhilo® can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other dermal fillers, laser treatments or Botox as part of a holistic approach to skin sculpting and revitalization.

Can an injection of Profhilo cause allergies?

In the production of Profhilo, a complex of high and low molecular weight acids is heated, causing the molecules to adhere to each other. The mixture is then rapidly cooled. This creates hydrogen bonds that allow a high concentration of acid in the skin. Another advantage of Profhilo is that these compounds are made without additional chemical binders that could be toxic.

This means that this product is safe and does not cause allergies or tissue rejections.

How successful is Profhilo in correcting the neck and décolleté area?

Profhilo is very successful in the correction of the neck and décolleté, as well as the inner surfaces of the forearms and hands. For the appearance of Profilo in the process of aesthetic rejuvenation of the neck was not without a period of rehabilitation.

After the injection of Profilo appear only slight redness, which subsides after a few hours. Due to the special manufacturing process, the product has a low viscosity. The fluidity of Profilo allows the product to flow through the thinnest needle (leaving no residue on the skin) and spread almost immediately in the subcutaneous tissue.

Above all, this guarantees a short treatment time (usually no more than 15-30 minutes) and freedom from pain (no anesthesia required). Moreover, after the drug is injected into the skin, there is a rapid resorption of the papules (about an hour and a half), which is not the case with other cosmetic injections. In principle, the procedure can be performed even during the lunch break.

Is the treatment with Profhilo painful?

Thanks to the innovative injection technique used in a Profhilo treatment, only 5 small injections are required per half of the face, making the treatment relatively quick and convenient.

Because Profhilo is injected directly under the skin with very fine needles at predetermined points, the treatment is relatively painless; there may be a brief stinging or scratching sensation, but it does not last long.

Patients can opt for a local painkiller or anesthesia prior to Profhilo® treatment. The procedure is very quick and takes only about 10 minutes.

Immediately after the procedure, small dents are visible at the injection site. These can usually be covered well and heal within 24 hours.

Are there any contraindications for PROFHILO?

Contraindications include patients with bleeding disorders, immunocompromised individuals, pregnant women, and individuals with unrealistic expectations.

When do you see effect of Profhilo?

For better and more lasting results, 2 Profhilo treatments are recommended, 4 weeks apart.

The improvement in skin quality and the firming and tightening effect develop discreetly over several weeks.

Improvement occurs immediately after the first treatment, and the best results are visible about 4 weeks after the second treatment. After 8 weeks, your skin will be better hydrated and look healthier and more youthful.

How long do the results of Profhilo® last?

Profhilo® results may last 6 to 12 months, depending on your individual response and metabolism of the product.

It is recommended to perform a maintenance treatment every 3 months. This will keep the skin in excellent condition.

What should I do after PROFHILO treatment?

Do not touch your skin. Avoid aggressive skin care products such as retinols and AHAs that evening, and do not engage in strenuous exercise for 48 hours.

Anything that reddens your face (sports, steam baths, sun) will make you more susceptible to bruising and swelling.

When should I not use the PROFHILO?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women and anyone with an infection at the injection site. Also, anyone who has ever had an allergic reaction to a product, which is very, very rare. It is important that you discuss your medical history in detail with your doctor so that he or she can assess whether or not the treatment is suitable for you.

At Profhilo collagen and elastin are often mentioned. What is it?

Collagen and elastin are frequently mentioned in this post and in the context of skin health. You may wonder why collagen and elastin are so important?

Collagen is the protein that makes up the majority of the skin, about 75-80%. Collagen plays an important role in strengthening the skin and can contribute to its elasticity and moisture.

Elastin is another important protein that, as the name suggests, is incredibly elastic and is found in connective tissue. It helps the skin regain its original shape and position when it is bruised or stung. When elastin decreases, the skin loses elasticity and can't correct problems the way younger skin would.

Can I sunbathe after the injections?

After biorevitalization, you can return to your usual lifestyle. However, UV light accelerates the degradation of hyaluronic acid and inhibits the body's own collagen synthesis. Therefore, to maintain the effect as long as possible, the skin should be protected from sunlight.

What is the best way to prepare for a Profhilo treatment?

Below are some tips on how to optimize the results of your treatment:

- Avoid alcohol the day before your treatment. This will minimize the risk of bruising.

- Avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medications the week before treatment, as these also increase the risk of bruising.

- If you have a cold, cold sores (herpes), or any other rash or condition, please call the clinic to see if you still need to keep your appointment. Your general health is very important to your treatment.

- After treatment, carefully follow your doctor's aftercare instructions and do not apply any other products to the treated areas unless previously discussed.

Are there any side effects of Profhilo?

The most common side effects of Profhilo are similar to other fillers and include mild bruising and swelling. The risks are the same as with other fillers and may include allergic reactions or infections, although these are extremely rare.

Can Profhilo be combined with other hyaluronic acid products?

Profhilo is excellent in combination with traditional fillers with stabilized hyaluronic acid for more precise and subtle volume correction.

What does a Profhilo treatment cost?

A treatment with Profhilo costs between €250 and €500.

Profhilo is injected according to a standard pattern in which 2 millimeters are distributed over 10 injection points, so the cost does not depend on the amount used.

The price depends largely on the experience of the doctor and the location of his practice.

Profhilo experience

Profhilo Experience - Patient Perspective

Aging, Face, Cheeks, Skin, Skin Care, Uncategorized, Wrinkles / Aesthetic Medicine. Profhilo has proven to be a very popular product. It has received a lot of press coverage and it has won several awards.

But we know that there is nothing better than a patient's point of view. So read the following interview and learn more about Marie's experience.


Profhilo experiences of Marie

Why did you decide to undergo Profhilo treatment?

I've always tried to take care of my skin, doing regular facials and using a good face cream. But in recent years, in my late 30s, I have noticed a deterioration of my skin. There are more wrinkles and I notice that the skin is sagging. I decided that my old skincare routine needed a refresh.

My therapist explained to me that Profhilo stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. He also told me that Profhilo was an important part of her own skincare routine, which I thought was a great endorsement. I did a lot of research on the internet and found only positive reviews. One article described Profhilo as an "injectable moisturizer" - exactly what I was looking for.

How was the treatment with Profhilo?

Having never had injections on my face before, I was a little nervous, but my dermatologist did a great job of putting me at ease. The injections are a little uncomfortable, but the treatment only takes a few minutes.

Was there any downtime?

Not really. If you look closely, you can see the injection sites, but no one else noticed. I did notice that the nodules on the neck were more frequent than elsewhere, but I covered them with a scarf for two days, after which everything was back to normal.

Are you satisfied with the result?

Yes, absolutely. I had a boost immediately after the treatments. My skin was smooth and moisturized. This instant effect wears off, but the quality of my skin has definitely improved. The effect is subtle but noticeable, exactly what I wanted.

Would you use Profhilo again?

Yes, I would. My dermatologist recommended that I repeat the treatment every six months for the best results.

In summary: Is Profhilo worth it?

Yes, Profhilo is worth it, but you need to find out if it is the best treatment option for your specific facial and skin goals. Profhilo is suitable for all skin types and will improve the aesthetics of any face. For severely sagging skin or deep wrinkles, it is recommended to combine it with another treatment.

The special thing about profhilo is that expectations must be realistic. If someone thinks that their face will be miraculously lifted, they are barking up the wrong tree: this is where fillers, threads or treatment come in. If you just think about the quality of the skin, the radiance of the skin, the hydration of the skin. It's great because it's an injectable moisturizer!


PROFHILO® BODY Kit is an innovative product specially designed for the injection treatment of body skin that has lost its structure and firmness. It contains three highly effective, super moisturizing products that work together to tighten and smooth the skin.   The Profhilo Kit is the latest addition to the successful PROFHILO® product line and offers a...
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